The only show in town..

The King in a branding space currently crammed with 750+ direct alternative domains under registration (and counting) — alongside many natural competitors. Minted long before the rest of the pack, is the legitimate overlord in a realm chock-full of dubious pretenders. is a true 1-of-1, category defining name, spanning several lucrative industries. Each of which is projected to be majorly disrupted by NFTicket technology, in the medium to long term.

Clearly, reigns supreme. The question is:

Which way will the pure, raw, and unfiltered version of this brand go?


Category defining name

Set in the singular and without the less brandable double ‘t’, the composition of flows seamlessly, hitting its mark before briskly moving onward.

Because that’s all that is required: The imprint has been sealed.

It’s simple signalling theory.

Based solely upon where its realm is located, is the one domain in this space that can allow the owner to efficiently impart trust and communicate excellence. No complication necessary.

Only the true ruler can fulfil his duty thus — and, for all their efforts, any pretender to the throne will fall short. And be forced to constantly direct marketing budget to compensate for suboptimal brand-domain alignment, while the competitor operating on pursues an easier path to victory. And profits from the marketing spend of those who cannot capture the branding space via the .COM.

Positioned at/as the gate

A central use case in an industry projected to be worth $200 billion by 2030, the importance of NFT as ticket is set to experience exponential growth, while thoroughly disrupting the traditional ticketing industry we’ve known — itself worth $30 billion annually.

From the counterfeit-proof tickets minted to attend concerts and other live performances or take a trip, to blockchain-authenticated lotteries and ticket stubs traded by speculators and diehard fans alike.


Logo + Graphics Package; Brand Defensive Basket of .com NFTicket Domains


Clean. Crisp. Compelling.

The new technical standard

Exploring the mechanics behind this new form of ticket, the cryptographic function of NFTicket as access token (verifiably issued and presented) certainly does look set to be woven into multiple aspects of daily life — from signing documents to issuing access rights, certs, licenses, invoices…

From a technical perspective, the NFTicket is thus also a category definer, standing as the base layer for an entirely new class of services and products. With its scope of utility moving beyond even actual NFTs — as the NFTicket is a truly autonomous, self-sovereign entity that does not rely on a wallet or other type of separate container. We are far beyond jpeg monkeys now, and moving towards realization of a primary, truly revolutionary use case of NFT technology. = Total Decentralization, facilitating seamless purchase, trade, and flow of services or digital products built upon 100% trustless verification. Creating new added value for supplier and buyer alike, while saving on (capital, labour, time, and opportunity) costs.

Long-term digital asset

The NFTicket brand is thus the prime digital real estate at the center of what is set to emerge as one of the primary use cases of this new technology, the NFTicket use case. The combination of brand equity and timing does not come more optimally aligned than in this domain — at this juncture (of rapid adoption, economic reopening and supporting industry growth).

The English language being what it is, must surely also be considered an investment-grade example of its asset class.

It’s not unreasonable to believe that in 3-5 years from now, the owner will be sitting on the .COM positioning for a powerful keyword‘nfticket’: Common parlance across multiple high-income demographics, several key sectors, and a broad range of advertisers.

Whether as THE niche-dominating platform or simply a shrewd investment (and amortizable asset) for the balance sheet, is a digital asset that commands your consideration.

We’re fascinated with the emerging NFTicket concept and exploring how the power of can help bring this emerging tech to world. Feel free to get in touch.

Initiating direct contact can save time, money, and nerves*


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If is acquired directly, via the Registrar marketplace, the domain can be transferred more quickly, and a discount of min. 5% passed on to the Buyer.

Payment plan option available via the Registrar marketplace sales path.

Crypto/NFT deals considered.

Year of first registration: 2010
Domain Authority: 31 (June 2024)
Spam Score: <1% (June 2024)
Industries: Art & Design; Entertainment; Health; Hospitality; Retail; Services; Tech; Tourism & Travel; Transport & Mobility